24 Jan

Cyclopark: A jewel in the crown for visitors to north Kent


Cyclopark is a ten minute cycle ride from Hopewell self-catering.

Just 1.8 miles away and it offers a brilliant range of activities for cyclists and fitness fans alike.

If you are coming to the area, why not combine a visit to Cyclopark with your other plans.

And if you are a cyclist – you’ve just reached heaven!

If you are a road cyclist, there is 2.9 km of track to get your juices flowing. Think of it as the Brands Hatch for pedallers.

If mountain biking is your thing, then there is 6km of trails running throughout the park and they are available after dusk too.

Families can come along and enjoy the facilities and if you don’t have a bike – hey, don’t worry – you can hire equipment.


The park’s aim is to get people moving!

For skaters, there is a 1,400m area for skateboarding – for participants and spectators.

And there are always events going on at Cyclopark.

It’s a gem of a place.

For runners, there are workouts around the track every weekend, a gym for fitness and classes like tums, bums etc and spin classes.

The health suite offers massage, reflexology – all sorts of treatments to get you back up and running.

Something for everyone.

And if you don’t want to exercise, there is a café with food and drinks.

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